The Hong Kong Pavilion, located at the ‘Stalinist’ Beijing Exhibition Centre together with other pavilions representing the different cities and provinces in PRC formed one of the major events in Beijing in Sep-Oct 1999 to commensurate the 50th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Our design approach of the Pavilion tried to explore an alternative way to the otherwise conventional means of creating a sequence of clustered exhibits fully-loaded with all sorts of information to the visitors. 

Conceptually, a self-glowing rectilinear light box became the ONLY object freestanding within the classical exhibition space of the Exhibition Centre.

A reversal of situation occurred where ‘spectators’ were located in the centre surrounded by the ‘stage-set’.  This illuminated box became the sole medium of communication with ever-changing projections of information by a computer-monitored system of lighting, video and still images which endeavoured to capture the spirit/phenomena of Hong Kong, that of CHANGE, and the SPEED of change.

4 sets of 1 x 6 vertical video walls were strategically installed within the box, projecting several key figures representing the HKSAR.  Through this series of electronic surface formed the ‘Virtual Host’ for the whole installations. 

The idea of ‘Dematerialization’ was further carried to the entrance portal, which was created by video monitors.  Again creating changing images and ambience to the entrance by altering the messages on the video screens.

The exhibition transformed the static physical space into a dynamic installation of light and sound which have several options of the durations of the ‘show’ depending on different circumstances and also serving as a means to regulate the circulation flow.

The resultant system offered full flexibility to determine the physical structure well ahead of fixing the delicate and sensitive information to be actually displayed which required approvals from both the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the People’s Republic of China.