Play Lab
A Retrospective of Gary Chang’s Architectural Explorations Abroad and Unrealized Local Projects

First exhibition in the Hong Kong Arts Centre after the foyer renovation (also by Edge (HK) Ltd.).

Old Institute, New Image;
Art Space, Big Lounge;
The City is our Playground, the Studio is our Lab.

The city is always the source of our ideas. 
Little things around us become our inspirations and lead to different endings. 
The ideas in the exhibited works and the design of the exhibition/installation are under the same track.

The exhibition, which extends four storeys around the atrium, is taken as a huge installation. 
Apart from displaying images and objects, we also explore the possibilities of taking space and event as exhibits.

Fluorescent green
An artificial green. 
A green which deviates from the general perception of nature. 
A colour rooted in and symbolically represented the urbanistic reality we are living in.
The exhibition is washed with a touch of fluorescent green to contrast with the white and metallic background of the space.

 Wrapping surface
Every wall surface is a battlefield in the street advertisement culture. 
Every surface can be a display wall.
To transform the former vacant atrium wall into our primary exhibition area, a matrix of self-glowing green fluorescent acrylic panels in standard modules is applied to the wall channels system.
With images and text attached to the panel surfaces, a pixelated skin is achieved around the atrium. 

 Mixing events
Events are part of the installation.
Unlike the conventional approach of confining exhibitions into a linear viewing experience, Play Lab introduces an overlapping of events within the art space and suggests a crossover between art and entertainment. 
A series of parties were held at the venue.
With chill-out music,
cigarette and alcohol,
the atmosphere of the exhibition is transformed.

In the Play Lab installation,
the lowest layer of the green acrylic panels are treated as cup holder,
signifying a continuous bar extending 4 storeys.

Mobile units
A flexible system specially designed for the Play Lab exhibition. 
The mobile units create remote exhibition sites for video display and on-line exhibition.  \

A double (physical and virtual) displacement is resulted within the containment of the 4-storey vertical foyer in the Arts Centre.

Hanging cage in front of the harbour view
(reinterpretation of Gary Chang’s exhibit for the Venice Biennale 2000)
A collage of two extreme localsituations (the desire for view and the congested living space).  Description of the work is attached on the floor for maximum display surface.