The Domestic Express is a design project commissioned by the Russian Client Mr. Alexander Ezhkov at the new Reservoir resort area in Moscow.

 The house is suggested a transit between the land and water. Comprising a house-platform whole with a set of mobile furniture on 2 full tracks to be (re)assembled as desired according to the nature, number and preferences of its inhabitants for enclosure and activity. As the house-platform abbreviates the differentiation between interior/exterior, it is adaptable both as a house and an open landscape. Huge swinging panels thus provide the necessary spatial definition to the mobility of expedience.

 The Furniture Box comes in with abstracted furniture parts. Upon decomposing the box and arranging the furniture would provide inhabitants with a matrix of activities both indoor and alfresco. Pneumatically assisted floor panels along the tracks provide alternative spatial experience with concealed seats and vaults for activities that gain spatial presence upon desire. The House is wrapped up with stainless steel panels in its entirety, provoking the illusion that all entities are cumbersome and immobile. The façade has been tuned to its barest existence, interacting with the picturesque landscape with controlled intimacy and privacy.