The Project attempts to explore the fusion between an art piece and a street furniture:

  • an art piece that could be more interactive rather than pure visual encounters
  • a street furniture that could expand the potentials out of the necessities and enable better use of resources

Composed of timber slices connected by steel anchors which allow flexibility in orientations, the modular structure strives to accommodate future growth and new additions/programmes.

The timber slices could be rotated to alter the functions from various mode of seating to table-tops and further to pamphlet holders, an endeavour to physically extend the activities of the HKAC into its vicinities.

The lengths could also be adjustable to even enable the creation of a relaxation bench that people could lie down, perhaps at least for a certain moment.

As inherited in most of our projects, the notions of Choice, Change, Co-existence and Connection are again further experimented in this exercise which hopefully could fully explore the potentials of the mutations amongst the object, the site, the users and the curators.