AN ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPE that responds to the unique topography of the site: a cascade of steps that creates a public thoroughfare and generates potentials for a delicately-scaled public space that have often been overlooked.

AN EXPLORATION INTO THE CONTEXT of the site: the configuration of the existing adjacent boundary wall + planter base formed the base reference points for the geometry of the work in form of a metal lattice.  Bauhinia trees are kept intact while the requirement for lighting at night for safety are integrated into the structure.  Sensitively-positioned lights will cast multiple lights and shadows onto the steps while articulating the seatings.

A MONOLITHIC STRUCTURE that combines various programmes into the site, blurring the boundary between pure artistic installation and pragmatic considerations.

Comprised by a sandwich of clear and frosted orange acrylic panels, the seating of the Cascade varies in form and fully explores the particular profile of the site to create diversity in seating posture.