The Signature floor offers spacious, perfectly formed guestrooms in the city centre fitted out to boutique hotel standards, but at budget hotel prices. More than a reflection of the traditional star-hotel standard rooms, the Signature Floor delivers a luxury living approach together with more style, comfort and efficiency.

The design aims at giving a positive change in the guestroom ambience. Colours are precisely placed with a reason. To enrich the living experience with a soothing aura, the room is set to have an all-time sunset by tinting all the windows in transparent orange on silky pearl white and textured brownish grey backdrop. Large louver shutters are manually operated to control the amount of “sun” according to your own will.  The hustle-n-bustle city view outside is filtered to become a serene dreamy wonderland.

We view convenience and comfort as an inseparable duo.  Every function is carefully integrated with one’s daily life.  The standard guestroom provides up to four-metre long multi-use work bench, a relaxing two-seater as minimum, comfortable bed and plenty of shelves. Big shower room in glass with sophisticated massage jets and rain showers make the stay a refreshing one.

A better home-way-from-home is what the Signature Floor offers.