An experiment into boundaries and compatibility
An Intersection between your home and hotel

An ultra-compact “hand-carry” space for all your essentials and your beloved during travels which in turn becomes your favourite mini-furniture at the bedside table, or a 3-dimensional “ treasure book” to be read anywhere, anytime.

An exercise in dealing with limited resources here in space and time… when we travel.

Though various architectonic operations: folding, sliding, rotating … and simply hiding, complex requirements of squeezing an unexpectedly rich array of programs and functions into a A5-size ‘box’ or ‘book’ (147mm x 210mm, depth to be confirmed).

An object reminiscent in the spirit and energy of Hong Kong, where intensity is the norm and transformation is the routine.

The limited- edition set would be made in copper which (meticulously) represents the beautiful shapes of each program embedded, forming a ultra-rich assemble when combined together, in the spirit and tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship.