At the time when we started the Organic Pharmacy project, we discovered that the architecture for the cosmetic market was very much homogeneous in the way that styling is the overriding factor. We worked quite the other way round. We only looked at things that were fundamental and aimed at generating the design from practical concerns. The design was frozen until everything was down to essentials and represented in one total system. This subsequently has triggered a new model of service behavior.

  • Every product is distinct & as important as others
  • ‘We are not selling a few key products with the rest as supplementary ones. Every product has its strength on its own and deserves an identical treatment.
  • A twisted interpretation of Drugstore: DRUGSTORE + GALLERY + EDUCATION CENTRE = TOP
  • Info Wall
  • ‘It is very important that it should be his child, because the author actually had to say everything that I made him say. But it also had to be a monster because it was necessary to go through all kinds of decentrings, slips, break ins, secret emissions.’