It is an exceptional exhibition of residential development, as no demonstration unit or simulated setting is used to present the development, and not presented from an “ideal home” point of view.
While the presentation of the exhaustive details of the development and the actual sales activities take place in a different location, this exhibition takes the form of installation art, with the aim to promote the development to a wider spectrum of consumers in the shopping mall. The exhibition evolves and transforms over a period of 5 months by gradually portraying itself in different episodes like a series of commercial clips that, in the end, leads to the final highlight – the main pavilion.
his is a self-contained, comprehensive exhibition that demonstrates a “unitary” urban complex in miniature. It features evolution, accretion, undulation and variation that, together, constitute the icon of Park Lane Manor. By the use of spatial installation experience as its main theme, the exhibition fully illustrates the visions of the development.
Inspired by the logo of Park Lane Manor…

Episode 1 is the Domain of Park Lane Manor - a gigantic monogram of the logo covers the floor of THE MIXC shopping mall, producing a spectacular advertisement that fits naturally into the mall’s architecture.

In Episode 2, we move from a 2D plane to the three-dimensional. Scattered abstract components provide some hints of the next Episode. The components are exhibits as well as furniture and facilities and are designed as if they are extruded from the floor monogram.

Episode 3 is a single-storey exhibition pavilion consisting 42 abstract components that joint and connect with one another into a single, static entity. The pavilion is designed to recreate the 2D logo graphics in a three-dimensional geometric form. The Park Lane Manor logo once again appears at the top of the pavilion. In the highly adaptive open space of the pavilion, one can find a number of audio and visual display items, each offering an experience of 3D installation display.

Episode 4 is the highlight of the entire exhibition and the climax of the sales activities. The installations give a most exuberant and pronounced feast of visual effects and audience experience. In the atrium of the shopping mall stands a two-storey media pavilion where a new compound is erected over the structure originated in Episode 3. The pavilion holds an air of grandeur and a variety of functions, with the model of the residential development and other audio and visual media displayed inside. As the amount of information reduced, the focus falls on the pavilion itself, which underlies the entire exhibition – the 3D icon of Park Lane Manor.