The project re-defines one of the most representative and unique typologies of the urban landscape in Hong Kong, the PENCIL TOWER: a single medium-rise tower with a very compact footprint. Developed primarily as a serviced apartment, the building comprises of the tower portion containing altogether 15 residential units each occupying the entire floor on the typical floors, with 2 duplexes one on the penthouse and another one with direct access to podium roof terraces in front of and behind the duplex, with a 8.5m plunge pool and jacuzzi.
The tower in turn sits on the podium containing a Private Spa and a Private Dining above the ground floor lobby, there is a cafe on the ground level with additional outdoor seatings which will try to integrate the neighbourhoods by means of laid-back arrangements and encouraging all kinds of ad-hoc activities, optimizing on the availability of a terrace in front of the development with the absence of vehicular traffic, a rarity in Hong Kong!
The exterior envelope of the tower serves beyond the usual aesthetic and graphic intents typical of most Hong Kong skylines but rather endeavours to echo and articulate the various programs inside the apartment.

The very exclusive apartment on the typical floors explores the geometry of the tower to the greatest advantage, creating 2 balconies, a "panoramic" 4 metre wide window, ultra-spacious shower+toilet room which stretches more than 2 metres long with a translucent window running the entire length, a big departure from typical HK toilet windows which resemble more like a porthole largely occupied by the exhaust fans. The interior organization of the apartment unit is a vigorous exercise in optimum use of space in space and time in a world of "Compact Living", boundaries amongst various programs are deliberately blurred while each individual programs are pushed to the largest dimensions as far as possible.

Flexible Use of Space is explored through for instance a sliding door enclosing the bathroom with the TV installed within as well as the 4 metre long multi-purpose desk by the panoramic window of the same length.
Colour zoning of the interior space is by and large a natural extension of the exterior envelope, further merging the interior and the exterior.