It is a tray,
it is not a tray,
it is not just a tray!

An object as
a salt and pepper holder in the dining room,
a bottle opener in the kitchen,
a snacks tray in the living room,
a vase in the study room,
a tissue-paper holder in the bathroom,
or as a tealight holder in the bedroom…

Like a pet
it follows wherever you go;
its purpose mutates
according to your needs and desires

By a simple twist,
its look changes,
its function shifts;
it does not look like anything…
and hence it can be many things.

Boundaries blurred,
definitions redefined,
surfaces maximized,
resources optimized.


ALESSI: (Un)Forbidden City Exhibition
The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong 

ALESSI: (Un)Forbidden City Exhibition
Aether Art Space, Sanlitun, Beijing