UFO meets UFO.  The unidentified FANCIFUL objects meet the unidentified FLYING objects. 

If the petit h logo resembles a pendant, it looks very much that the suspension of it, at a different scale, will bring a dreamy quality of floating in the air…

If the rim of pendant suggests a circular ring, can we start just by drawing circles?

When the ring gets bigger, what will it look like?  Will it suggest other objects in the everyday life?  Anything pops out in our childhood memory?

How many rings do we need to build a ball?  How many rings do we need to make a chain necklace?   Can we make a piece of garment from rings like a camail?

Can we make a camail fly?  Like a piece of scarf?  Like a drifting cloud? Like magic in a Copperfield show? 

And then we arrive at this image –

The camail hovers over the room.  It is a gigantic one though, made of hundreds of colourful hula hoops.  And when light passes through it, it draws a carpet in its shadow. 

Everything is motionless.  Time frozen.