As the future social hub in the community, ground floor space in connection with the main street is free up to provide a landspaced public area for event/market. This also forms a outdoor foyer for the cineplex, before leading the moviegoers to the ticket office.

Cineplex which requires no view is located at the rare portion of the site while hotels rooms, elevated with the sky lobby, occupy the West and North edge at the front portion to get a full city view.

Apart from the open piazza, a grand stairs/ ramp structure is created at the corner of the site to welcome the visitors/moviewgoers into this social complex, leading them to the second layer of public space. This is a semi/ fully enclosed public space where cafes/ library could be housed.

At the southern end of the elevated public space is an escalator, leading to the third layer (semi-) open space formed above the largested cinema, where pop-up programme could be held, such as outdoor cinema. Being surround by the various type of cinemas, the atrium space forms a great exhibition space which bring another layer of educational meaning to this social hub.