Some may regard it subversive when turning a luxurious harbour view apartment into an industrial loft.  

This apartment on the 70th floor in West Kowloon represents a dramatic and refreshing makeover, changing and re-establishing boundaries of the household, challenging the existing integrity of the house in the concepts of openness and privacy. The project expresses changes in fundamental core values of any household and is an ultimate example of adaptability and escape from homeostasis.

Based on the core principles of privacy and spontaneity lies the opportunity to attain complete absence of enclosure. This consequently spurs the transformation for much of the apartment into an open, unrestrictive area; both in terms of physical space and metaphysically, as a result of strategically designed and located apertures to the outside world and the inner chambers.  Such features fully remove the previous issues of restrictiveness.   Instead flexibility in subdivision is praised in pursuit of this newfound liberty.