Inspired by the Chinese curio box in the Ch'ien-lung era, Ch’ing Dynasty, JIA Cake Stand reinvents the traditional cake stand by borrowing the instant elegance and playfulness in the design of the curio box, embracing its clever construction, surprising twists and hidden compartments.

The Experience Of...

Afternoon Tea x Unexpected Surprises

This “interest in playfulness” is somewhat akin to the refreshing & festive note of a cake stand, helping to bring the table to life and adding a touch of whimsy & fun to any afternoon tea-drinking occasion. JIA Cake Stand is composed of pivoted quadrants that could be fanned out one by one, creating layers of surprises at the centre of a dynamic tablescape, whilst surrounded by teapots and other place settings. Comprising a swivel mechanism for a 360 degree rotation, they can be spread out in random form to cater to guests in all directions, thereby creating the perfect tablescape for maintaining conversations and interactions. Housing platefuls of delectable delicacies for an afternoon tea set menu, this multi-tier “stage of cakes” adds elements of excitement, wonder and appreciation to the Afternoon Tea experience.

The JIA Cake Stand is not only an indulgent treat for all avid afternoon tea-drinkers who are looking for a modern display of a traditional guilty pleasure, this “Box of Curiosity & Simplicity” also finds its alternative roles as a multi-functional storage box for delicate decorative collections and objects, lending any coffee table and credenza-scape a touch of magnificence.

Image Courtesy of Jia Inc.