Locating on 59th floor of Beijing Yintai Center, the tallest skyscraper on Chang ’an Avenue in Beijing, Tian Spa naturally comes with an unbeatable panoramic sky view, overseeing the city of Beijing. Therefore, the name “Tian Spa” could not be more apt as being the real “Sky” Spa. Complementing on Beijing Park Hyatt’s hospitality goal of offering uniqueness, and to give each guest a personalized experience, our design objective is to make our design personal. “Luxury is personal.” In fact, luxury is also a choice. As per our design statement, choice, is a manifestation of desire, and in this case, a desire for a sought after lifestyle.

The unique form of clouds is carefully selected as the design motif to create this personal journey of emerging oneself into the clouds, a ritualistic walk into tranquility, a soothing sanctuary of calmness. The astounding clouds images are bold and at the same time subdue, echoing with the transition state during spa treatments, from wakefulness to sleep, defined by the threshold of consciousness, “A Waking Dream”. The boundary of the physical space then diminishes, leaving behind memories of only the highlights of the treatment.

Each spa suite is a coexistence between an efficient and organized yet hidden operation system for the masseuse and a personal space of shower & vanity, treatment and rest for the guest. Coexistence refers to the existence of a disorganized clutter of events to become an organized system by establishing relationship between the events through stressing their similarities over differences. The Events are encompassed in terms of associative relationship instead of exclusion within our design approach. The rejuvenating body treatment area enclosed by cloud images, the relaxing foot massage seat by the window accentuated with yellow light scenery, and a designed tray customized for an enjoyable tea ceremony are all of intentions to add comfort to this emotional experience in promoting personal peace, balance and harmony of the mind and body.

After a spa treatment, one walks out from the ever-morphing clouds feeling restored, rejuvenated and relax, free from worldly concerns and purified from toxins. Feeling so calm, yet the journey within the clouds was so vague and hazy…