With increasing demands for housing to combat the hyper-urbanized population, compact living has become a popular global phenomenon. The fight for personal space within a high-density society of heightened living standards has never been so challenging.

We had a chance to represent this global phenomenon of micro-habitats in form of a sculptural piece “Furniture as Home". This was commissioned by invitation of the Hong Kong Design Centre for the event “Confluence 20+, Creative Ecologies of Hong Kong” to celebrate the return of Hong Kong to China for two decades.

The intent was to create an assemblage of all the essential items one would have in a home, including but not limited to: bed, table, chair, TV set, washing machine…… into an ultra-compact volume of 7000 (L) x 500 (W) x 3000mm (H). The extreme dimensions challenge society’s presumptive correlation between space and degree of luxury. It offers a revolutionary perspective into spatial planning, echoing Chang’s vision of “smaller space needs bigger thinking”.

Visitors would discover monitors, books and even a pair of VR goggles among the carious slots in between the furniture wall. These different devices engage the audience in a more interactive way which encourages them to actively seek additional information on the subject of compact living. The content depicts some of our most representative projects, namely the following:

 Domestic Transformer, Hong Kong, 32sqm
Creative Wall for Teller Tower, Stockholm, 32sqm
Acts Rednaxela Serviced Apartment, Hong Kong, 24sqm
Compact Apartment for Henderson, Hong Kong, 15sqm
Sculpture represented at Jing’An International Sculptural Park, Shanghai, 10sqm